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So enzymes are specific for one process. All enzymes work their best at an optimum PH or temperature. These means that for enzymes to work effectively they have to be in the right conditions. All enzymes have different optimum levels. So enzymes work best at a: * Particular level of acidity or alkalinity (PH) * Particular level
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Enzymes are sophisticated catalysts for biological processes. These practicals (and the practicals at intermediate level) give you opportunities to explore how enzyme activity changes in different conditions. Enzyme experiments often provide real 'messy' data, because their activity can change dramatically from one lesson
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Investigating the factors affecting enzymes experimentally. A practical involving investigating the effect of determinants of enzymes is a favourable way of completing your Biology coursework section (the Practical Skills Assessment). The basics of enzyme action are that enzymes are used to catalyse a reaction, where
DATA TASK COURSEWORK- ENZYME AND TEMPERATURE. As a class we collected the results of the three experiments. After that I calculated the average of the experiments. Then I plotted four (three experiments and one average) lines onto a graph with x- axis, being temperature and the y-axis being the volume of gas
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The practical science statement, 4. Risk assessment, 5. Required practicals summary, 5. Microscopy, 9. Microbiology, 15. Osmosis, 23. Enzymes, 29 ... Students need to undertake the required practical activities listed in the GCSE Biology specification (8461) so that they have the opportunity to experience all of the

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